Consulting engineers, rig design, engineering inspections, & project management. Follow the API design standard. Drill and service rig masts and substructures. Mast and substructure modifications and load ratings. Vertical and slant hole flush by rigs

Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc. is a group of professional engineers and technologists who carry diverse skills and a variety of professional backgrounds. Since 1966, we have been providing reliable service to clients in the mining, construction, forestry, and petroleum industries in Canada and in other countries, from Mexico to Russia. Committed to continuous improvement Allan R. Nelson Engineering utilizes state-of-the-art software to provide timely and competitive solutions for our clients.

Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc. operates in the following areas:

Forensic Engineering

Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc. provides forensic engineering services to every major insurance company involved in industrial cases in Canada, and in particular in accidental damage in petrochemicals, manufacturing, and drilling.

Design & Certification

Well known throughout the oil patch and elsewhere here in Canada and abroad, Allan R. Nelson Engineering engineers provide design, repair, modification, and construction consultation for diverse clients, but primarily the mining, manufacturing, petrochemical and drilling industries of Canada, the U.S., Central and South America.


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