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A US based Health care Provider with National and International Health care portfolio.

Transforming Health… Locally. Regionally. Nationally.


At Oasis Health International, we have the experience and resources to address your market's health care needs with world-class solutions. First, we secure a complete and intimate understanding of those needs through comprehensive market research and personal interviews with key stakeholders including decision makers, physicians, staff and consumers.Subsequently, we provide the full continuum of resources necessary for each unique project including hospital management, strategic consulting and planning, construction, project management and investment as appropriate.

Our Vision

No matter the unique needs of your healthcare organization, Oasis Health International has the comprehensive, turnkey solution for you.

Starting from the ground up of planning, design and construction? We offer experienced professionals who can deliver de novo hospitals through every stage of development or expansions and modernizations to existing structures.

Concerned with efficient hospital operation and management? Look no further for seasoned healthcare executives skilled in building high quality, effective teams and promoting sustainable growth.

We will work with you to define and execute the ideal approach to ensure your hospital's success and reputation.

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