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Bergamo delivers energy projects “from concept through completion” with a vertical portfolio of projects which include design, construction management and facility maintenance services


Renewable Energy Products

Bergamo Acquisition Corp is pursuing with dedication alternate energy projects in developing and underdeveloped countries with there cutting edge products developed by their engineers, such as solar generators for cell phone tower, solar generators for home and industries, tube well water pumping solar systems to assist these countries by providing much needed energy for there agricultural, and commercial infrastructure needs, also ultimately saving the planet from Global warming and reducing the dependence on fossil fuels.   Read More...

LED Lighting

LED lighting has now reached a point of mainstream applications. The global market for LED fixtures and applications is now being estimated to reach over 8 billion in the next three years. This is especially true in the commercial and industrial applications where LED luminaries (lighting fixtures) are projected to reach the 1 billion mark in 2011.

Improved LED lamp and circuit design have increased the energy saving and is minimizing the amount of energy consumed by lighting and lighting systems.   Read More...


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