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A Norwegian Sea water desalination company having 16 operational projects globally

About Us!

Aqualyng is a global leader in the international desalination market. Our spectrum of successful, state-of-the-art products & services deliver fresh water – whenever and wherever it is needed. In the relatively short span of time since 1998, we have garnered an excellent industry reputation for delivering desalination plants for production of all qualities of water.

As a global water solutions provider addressing diverse water needs for a variety of concerns, the company is carving a unique trail in the desalination industry. With over 10 years experience in the desalination industry, we have the requisite expertise in designing and operating plants across 3 continents. Aqualyng’s reverse osmosis-based desalination plant solutions have increased efficiencies and reduced costly assembly times for projects ranging from the Gulf Countries, Northern and Southern Africa to China.

By using the most advanced engineering know-how in the industry, Aqualyng is solving the scarcity of freshwater in arid regions and feeding the growth of large industry. Our modular desalination water systems bring fresh water to lives everywhere… nurturing corporations and communities alike. It’s this same sense of dynamism that permeates through every aspect of the Aqualyng corporate set-up, with the company peopled by top industry professionals from right around the world.

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